Non-compete Agreements

You decided to take a new job opportunity to better provide for your family only to find yourself sued by your previous employer. The worst part is you may not have even realized you ever signed a non-compete agreement. Not only is this frustrating, but it can be very costly as well.


Are Non-compete Agreements Enforceable in Texas?

In Texas, over recent years, non-compete agreements have become more widely used throughout everyday business. Once a contract used amongst elites who held critical information, it is now more acceptable for many different business situations. Although non-competes are enforceable, they must also be reasonable, such as time, geographical area, and the scope of work.


The Bottom Line

Non-compete agreements are serious contracts, and if you've recently signed one or had one presented to you, contact an experienced attorney that can help better explain your options. Life continually changes, and you'll want to understand your rights when the time for change arrives.


Jim Walker is an attorney who fights for you! When you need help navigating a non-compete agreement, then contact him today. Don't get stuck in a contract, have a voice in the matter.

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