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Safety Tips: Avoiding Deer On The Roadway

Deer can pose a significant threat to motorists. Accidents between motor vehicles and deer can result in thousands of dollars in vehicle damage and, in more severe incidents, cause major physical injuries to individuals involved in such mishaps. Avoiding a deer might not always be possible. However, personal injury attorney Jim Walker invites prospective clients and interested parties to read the following brief blog offering tips regarding how drivers might prevent collisions between deer and cars.

Avoiding deer necessitates motorists be alert and practice defensive driving skills such as:

Displaying Extra Vigilance During Peak Hours

Deer are often most active during the early morning or early evening hours. Both of these times could present added difficulties because daylight is not optimal, and spotting the animals can be difficult.

Demonstrating Added Caution During Mating Season

Mating season is between October and January. Ergo said creatures might be more aggressive during these months. Additionally, they may be seen with a much higher frequency than during other times.

Understanding Deer Travel In Packs

Motorists who encounter one deer and are fortunate enough to avoid a collision with the said animal should not immediately speed up. It is essential to realize that deer often travel in groups and will dart across roadways in quick but not necessarily immediate intervals.

Remaining In The Center Lane

Naturally, on one or two-lane thoroughfares, this advice is academic. However, while traveling on multi-lane highways, motorists stand the best chance of avoiding collisions by remaining in the center lane. The roadway's middle offers the driver more space and reaction time if they cannot reach an abrupt halt.

Honking The Horn

Traffic safety engineers have conducted studies and discovered that motorists might scare deer away by using their car horns. The loud, jarring sound said device might frighten the animals off frequented roadways.

Braking Calmly

Traffic safety experts strongly advise motorists who encounter deer to apply their breaks calmly and gradually. Of course, if the encounter is imminent, slamming on the brakes might be warranted. However, if the deer is somewhat far off, reaching a gradual stop is the safest bet.

Never Swerve

Upon seeing a deer, a driver's instinct might be to swerve out of the way. However, traffic safety experts caution that said action is amongst the most dangerous reactions one could display. Suddenly veering a vehicle could spin said craft out of control and precipitate a far more severe accident.

Knowing Roadways Deer Frequent

Deer might frequent certain roadways, particularly those in more wooded areas. In such instances, impacted motorists might consider identifying alternate routes.

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